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Welcome on Cosplayeur Workshop !
Bienvenue sur l'atelier du cosplayeur !


I accept request !

Visitor from the future at Japan Touch 2013.Cosplayer: Me.It was just a test of this cosplay with what I found right behind my nose in the room of a friend. >w< But I love it anyway !

Picture with my blond wig !
chookypooh: Waaahh je suis tombée sur ton cosplay de N, et omg simplement magnifique ;w; <3

Nnnngh-ghhh, oh c’est vrai ? ;www; merci merci merci ! T////T *big huuuuuug*

"What I desire is a world for Pokémon, and Pokémon alone. I will separate Pokémon from people, so Pokémon can regain their original power."N Harmonia Gropius.

Oppa Loki Style…

Old video with my friend. So much memories, that was so funny ! Paris Manga was wonderful ^O^.

CRACK AVENGERS - Tony Stark &amp; Steve RogersThis is so&#8230; STUPID OH GOSH  but I have to post this because my friend&#8230; XD I REGRET NOTHING. this is so f*cking stupid dears XDDD

I hate me
so much

Sorry for this… thing, it’s for my friends… ‘cause we have a fuck!ng raving about turkey… I… Just…

SORRY *die*